Shiba Inu in posa


As the Japanese describe Shiba "A big dog in a small box" These words say everything about their being. Extremely self-confident, courageous, proud and always careful to notice everything that happens around. Elegant, very clean and active, do not forget that their origin is the hunting dog.

IMPORTANT PROPORTION: the ratio between height at withers and body length is 10/11;

BEHAVIOR AND TEMPERAMENT: the temperament is faithful, with keen and alert senses;

HEAD: high forehead, cheeks and stop defined with slight median furrow. Straight muzzle bridge. Black color of the nose is required. Muzzle tapers slightly from stop to nose tip. Strong tight lips, strong teeth, scissors bite;

EYES: relatively small, upward slanting, triangular in shape and of dark brown color;

EARS: small, triangular, slightly tilted forward and firmly straight;

NECK: thick, strong and well balanced with the head and the body;

BODY: back is straight, strong; loins are high and muscular. Deep chest and moderately sprung ribs, abdomen well tucked-up;

TAIL: set high, thick and vigorously carried in a sickled or curled position; when extended, it almost reaches down to the hock joint;

FRONT LIMBS: moderately oblique shoulder blades, elbows set close to the body; seen from the front the forelegs are straight;

BACK LIMBS: long upper thighs and short, but well-developed second thighs. Strong, firm hocks;

FEET: well-arched toes fitting tightly together.Thick, elastic pads. Hard, dark-coloured nails are preferred;

GAIT: nimble and lively.

COAT: stiff, straight outer coat; soft, thick undercoat; tail hair is straight and slightly longer. COLOR DEFINITION: Sesame equal mixture of black and white hairs. Black Sesame has more black than white hairs. Red sesame background of the red hair mixed with black hairs. All the aforesaid colors must have URAJIRO, whitish coat on the side of the muzzle and the cheeks, on the underjaw and upperthroat, on the chest, the abdomen and the lower part of the legs. SIZE: height at withers: males 41 cm - females 37 cm. Variations up to 1,5 cm. are tolerated. FAULTS: Any deviation from the above standard should be considered as a fault, to be penalized in relation to its severity: shyness; feminine males and masculine females; overshot or undershot bite; several missing teeth. Faults causing disqualification:short, hanging tail and ears which are not straight

standard shiba inu