Daniel con Shiba


To fully understand the character of the Shiba it is necessary to go back to its ancient origins. Used as an auxiliary in hunting, in cold and mountainous areas, our dog has a proud and determined character, so much so as to be used even in the search for the bear. We speak therefore of a dog certainly brave, but also extremely alert and sometimes suspicious; only characteristic, in front of large and wild animals, which could guarantee survival. He may prove to be particularly cautious towards outsiders, at least initially. However, this attitude must never result in excessive distrust or, worse, fear (serious defect to be penalized both in terms of exposure and reproduction). Accustomed to hunting in a wetsuit, he has no difficulty living with other dogs, cats or any "tenants" you may have at home.

Its small size should not suggest a toy dog; the Japanese call him "a big dog in a small box" because of his potential and great versatility. Stubborn and enterprising, he will test our patience several times. We will have to make him understand that we are in charge, getting him used to unwanted situations, in a gradual but constant way. The key to success with Shiba is to avoid excesses, both permissiveness and too much rigor. The results will not be long in coming, and you will be able to establish an exceptional relationship with the dog, which will make your coexistence pleasant and peaceful. Let's not forget that, as a demonstration of its trainability, in the countries where it is most widespread it is often used in Agility Dog tests.
Another peculiarity of the Shiba, certainly not common, is its innate aptitude for cleaning. From a very young age, he proves particularly attention to keep clean the place where he lives. It will be enough to allow him a sufficient number of outdoor trips during the day (at least two as an adult) so that the puppy does not dirty anymore in unwanted places, thus solving the inevitable problem of those who share the apartment with a dog.
In this regard, it is good to remember that Shiba adapts easily to living at home and outdoors, even in very cold climates, as it is protected by a dense undercoat. A point that unites him with his fellow men is that, left little considered, tends to sadden and become particularly independent and detached. It is therefore essential every day to dedicate some time to our four-legged friend, also because we will receive much more from him than we will give him.

cuccioli shiba del biagio

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